On this site you will find out how to write the perfect paragraph.  The rules are simple.  And always remember "practice makes perfect".  So keep writing.

What is a paragraph?

A paragraph is a group of sentences that share an idea.  Sometimes represented by ¶, this way of writing takes practice.  You need a minmum of 4 good sentences to make a good paragraph.  But remember the more details the better.

Rules of a good paragraph

To write a good paragraph there are a few rules you need to follow.  They are simple and when you practice them.

1.  A paragraph is a group of sentence with one common theme so all of the sentences have
     to be related.

2.  All paragraphs begin with an Indent.  This is a space befor you start writing.  This gives
     room between the first word and the page margin. (example will be below)

3.  The rest of the sentences in the paragraph meet up with the one before it.  They will
      return to the margin when needed.  We only indent the first line.

4.  All of the grammar rules of sentence writing still apply.

Think of a paragraph like a big juice sandwich.

Link to NYS ELA Standards